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We are a creatively led company and we always will be. This means that we go the extra mile to achieve creative excellence with meticulous attention to the crafted details, regardless of the commercial challenges.

We believe in the power of big ideas to transform brands across all media channels. We always consider design within a broad context. We know that the best results come from big thinking combined with beautiful execution.

We think in terms of relationships, not just projects.  We keep things simple – no complex layers of personnel before you talk to our creatives.

Our specialisms include brand world, brand identity, packaging design, comms and animation, environmental design, naming, consultancy, web design, design for e-commerce, copy writing and design education.


People often ask us where our name comes from. The intertype machine revolutionised design communication in the early 1900s by vastly speeding up the process of setting type.

We aim to be equally revolutionary in design today. We use similarly cutting edge technology to do it and we operate in multiple design disciplines (or ‘types’). So now you know!


The intertype, known as a hot metal typecasting machine, used multiple typefaces, allowing standard letter forms, italic and varied styles to be used in one layout.  Our visual identity is made up of typefaces that were issued for the machine…

So sometimes the answer to the question “What’s in a name?” is “Quite a lot”.

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