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Delido – The name of an iconic open-air cocktail bar in one of the most iconic hotel’s in Miami beach in the Art Deco heyday of the city.

The Delido bar was home to Miami’s finest cocktails and was frequently visited by the Florida Jay – a bird native to the area.

The lavish party scene of the era inspired this brand, with the unique shape of the Jay bird proving inspiration for a disruptive cocktail shaker style bottle.


We created this brand in it’s entirety, including the naming, brand story, identity and bespoke 3D bottle.

The bird’s head over-cap functions as a measuring device for cocktail making whilst providing distinctive cut-through on the back bar.

The facets of the bottle are inspired by the Florida Jay’s feathers, whilst the oval front label suggests the shape of the bird’s breast.


The bottle comes in a simple gift box, which is inspired by the architecture of the hotel building, while an illustration of the hotel itself surrounded by the palm trees and sunny beach rays features in the deboss and varnish details.​


When the boxes tile together on shelf, they create the feeling of walking down Ocean Drive in Miami, admiring the beach front hotels.​


The window in the box is true to the windows of these iconic hotels and frame the most distinctive feature of the bottle – the over-cap measurer.​

The Delido bar was so revered that the old sign on the outer wall of the hotel is protected by the government in Miami to preserve the historic Art Deco aesthetic of the city, despite the fact that the bar itself no longer exists.

Every detail of this brand creation was considered to tell the story of the liquid’s local origins, imbuing Delido rum with a sense of playful luxury.

We’ve created the impression of a brand that is serious in the making but not in the drinking.

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