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The UK has seen a war waged against sugar – and rightly so!​

Giants of sugar production historically made sugar that was overly refined, artificial, and stripped of all goodness and flavour. The sugar that we’ve consumed for years was made as bad for us as it possibly could be, and something needed to change.​​

But sugar, when made well, has positive sides too. The natural, raw, plant-derived ingredients of Bonraw Organic Sugars actually provide important nutrients that help to support the immune system. Low G.I sugars can help people to manage Diabetes. And that’s before we mention the best thing about ‘good sugar’ – the fact that it’s delicious and allows us to make an endless array of baked treats! ​


Our ‘Bake-off’ obsessed nation sees the joy of sugar too. It has the power to bring a moment of happiness, a much-needed break from the pressures, stresses and strains of modern life.​


So, we rebuilt the Bonraw brand from the ground up. We made the hummingbird (the collector of Nature’s sweet) into a powerful icon for the brand – the perfect, playful symbol for our brand purpose; to bring the joy of sugar back into peoples’ lives.​

With every aspect of the new brand, we redefined what it means to be sweet: Bonraw is Good-Sweet.​


The project began with our creative strategy, which defined the brand manifesto and informed all our copy writing, both on-pack and across our brand world touchpoints.​


We designed the Bonraw logotype and hummingbird icon, which became the star of our range of pack designs. The brand previously had only 3 variants - we took that to a new range of 19 packs. Our new portfolio architecture split the range into two: Organic Sugars Vs Natural Sweeteners. Our labelling system makes navigating the various sugar types simple and easy. We also created a set of icons for each pack that explains the nutritional benefits of the sugars, and a flag-inspired set of symbols for transparency of origin. ​


Whilst the organic sugars come in craft-card pot, we used a fresh, light uncoated background for the sweeteners to better communicate this low-calorie proposition.​

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