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There are many reasons why Grey Goose are synonymous with luxury, and it starts with their production. First, Grey Goose is created in France from 2 ingredients; Picardie winter wheat and natural spring water. Second, the Picardie wheat farms come from regions in France where some farmers in France have been working the land for 11 generations: Third, the creator of the brand and cellar master, Francois Thibault, still oversees the vodka’s production today.

As well as designing the packaging itself, we created the concept for the photography used in all of the brand communications. The art direction for this image was by our Creative Director, Asa, and was shot by the super talented Sidney Bensimon – a French photographer in based in NYC.


The photography places the product in nature, with an ever changing sky backgound to bring a natural vitality to the imagery. Simple use of propping suggest occasion, whilst the the ‘trompe l’oeil’ use of mirrors creates intriguing illusions of depth. Our photography for the brand was used in digital and printed comms with the line: ‘vibrant flavour, refreshingly light’.

We created all design details of the new innovation – including a back of pack design system that calls out the low calorie benefit of the liquid and highlights the anytime nature of the format. Smart info graphics that help to suggest that this a high end serve in a convenient ‘anytime’ format.


We also designed an outer pack wrap system that is easy to navigate at shelf. The stripped-back, simple aesthetics suggests the simple, natural ingredient list. The ‘floating’ illustration style suspends the fruits and botanicals in mid-air, creating a natural connection to the sky – the home of the iconic goose-in-flight logo.​


The cans launched initially in the UK and later in Australia – where we also implemented the design system across a range of touchpoints that helped to bring the cans to the off-trade. These touchpoints included a shipper case for the outer packs and ‘cooler box’, which helps to make the brand an essential part of the outdoor Aussie occasion.​


Introducing our work for Grey Goose Essences Vodka Spritz – fruit and botanical vodka cocktails in a can. This is the first time ever that Grey Goose is available as a “Ready to Drink”.

We delivers a design system that channels the spirit of ‘Joie de Vivre’, whilst emphasising the brand’s innovative flavour choices with a feeling of understated luxury.

Using satin metallic Vs matt opaque print finishes on the aluminium can substrate to elevate the feeling of quality, the design is very simple yet a story is told about the ingredients and liquid quality and a consumption occasion is suggested

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