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A vodka of uncommon brilliance, represented by a journey through nature’s greatest light show – the northern lights. Grey Vodka is distilled from French wheat and made with spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue that is filtered through limestone.

The geese that journey through France on their epic migrations from North to South take a majestic night flight in this limited-edition bottle. By creating a story that is rooted in nature and celebrates light, we found a creative solution that communicates the liquid’s natural origins, whilst bringing a unique stand out in the on trade.

The back label uses a reverse applied holographic foil, causing the hidden light puck in the base to illuminate the night sky in a constantly changing spectrum of colour as you move past the bottle in the bar. This ‘3D’ hologram effect foil refracts through the clear liquid to create a 3D visual of the Northern lights suspended inside the bottle.


The bottle was created specifically for on trade accounts – night clubs and bars. The light puck in the punt can be programmed to pulse in response to background music. In these dark environments the bottle will literally light-up the night, bringing a joyful energy and an effortless style. ​


The concept was so well liked that customers ordered stock for a two year release in advance, where usually they only stock a limited-edition bottle for one year!​


As well as designing the bottle itself, we also created the Key Visual for use in comms. We sketched the concept and attended a shoot to do the art direction with London based photographer Andy Grimshaw. The imagery depicts a night club style back bar. This was a bespoke set, built using a cut and bevelled mirror, as an abstract expression of a mountain-scape (a core component of the brand). The Northern Lights are integrated into the scene to dramatize the key visual element of this limited edition concept.

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